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Rigorous Investing

Management Tailored to Your Goals

Investment Process

Evestia Financial's investment methodologies are supported by decades of academic research showing that certain factors tend to outperform the market over time. Many advisors take the easier approach of passive cap-weighted indexing, which by its very nature over-weights the most expensive companies. Our active approach strives to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns over the long run.

Active Stock Selection

Active, systematic selection of stocks with favorable traits

  • Quality: profitable, financially strong companies

  • Value: undervalued companies with upside potential

  • Growth: innovative companies with positive price action

  • Low Volatility: safer companies with consistent returns

  • Size: Favor smaller, more nimble firms


Evestia Financial selects 40 individual U.S. equities and may use international and small cap ETFs to round out exposures

Diversified Fixed Income

Fixed income ETFs diversified across rate environments 

  • Falling Rates: U.S. treasury bonds​

  • Stable Rates: corporate bonds and mortgage-backed securities

  • Rising rates: inflation protected and international bonds


ETFs with long track records and high levels of liquidity

Seven Strategies

Your answers to an investment questionnaire will allow us to match your investment objectives to an appropriate mix of stocks and bonds. Seven different asset allocations are available.