About Evestia Financial

Everyone deserves high-quality investment management!

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Evestia Financial's founder, Rick Jaster, CFA, has a dream of helping others gain financial freedom in an ethical and professional manner. When interviewing for jobs out of MBA school he was turned off by large Wall Street investment firms who often put profit before the best interests of clients. So Rick joined a large endowment helping universities and other non profit organizations manage their money. The experience proved invaluable, as Rick moved from analyst to portfolio management in a variety of styles including passive socially-responsible large cap, quantitative value,  fundamental small-cap, global low-volatility, and asset allocation and risk-parity. He spent the first 18 years of his career managing money and not on marketing, the opposite of many advisors.

Rick spent the next seven years managing money for firms supporting investment advisors, recently managing over $1.5 billion on approximately 15,000 client accounts. But the multiple layers of fees, often amounting to 2% or more, and the lack of access by smaller clients who did not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest, led Rick to create a better mousetrap. Evestia Financial uses new innovations in technology, commission free trading, and fractional share investing to bring high-quality investing to the masses at a fraction of the price. Large investors pay less, and small investors are no longer ignored. It's a life-long dream come true!

Evestia Challenge:  Start Now! Even $50 / month makes a difference! 

Many people put off their investing because they believe they can't afford it or because they don't know how to start. But, what if you started by saving just $50 per month now and then each year increase your savings by another $50 per month (i.e. save $50 per month in year one, $100 per month in year two, $150 in year three, and so on). The gradual change in spending would be manageable yet the results could be profound! The Evestia challenge is to start saving or increase your monthly savings by one thousandth of your annual income, and then to continue this increase yearly. If your annual income is $50,000 then save $50 per month more, if your annual income is $150,000 then increase your monthly savings by $150. Saving with Evestia Financial starts with the click of a button!

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 Typical Savings Account   =   $341,635

       Investing Account        = $1,027,524


30 Years to Retirement

20 Year Retirement

This hypothetical example shows total retirement funds provided by an investing account ($1,027,524) of about three times more than funds provided by a typical savings account ($341,635). This example assumes $50 monthly savings, and an increase in monthly savings by $50 each year until retirement 30 years in the future. Each account is then spent down to zero during 20 years in retirement using equal monthly payments. The interest rate for a typical savings account is assumed to be 1%, and the interest rate on the investing account is assumed to be 7% before retirement, and 5% during retirement. Payments are made at the beginning of each month. Savings accounts carry minimal risk of loss of value and are FDIC insured, while investments involve risk of loss due to market fluctuations. The investment performance is not attributable to any actual Evestia Financial portfolio nor does it reflect any specific Evestia Financial performance. As such, it is not net of any management fees. Hypothetical examples are for illustrative purposes only, and market conditions can and will impact performance.

Completely Automated Investing

Evestia Financial is a completely automated solution allowing you to invest easily and efficiently at your own convenience. When you enroll, your answers to a series of questions allow us to match you to a suitable investment strategy. Evestia Financial will trade, monitor, and rebalance your portfolio for one low fee of one percent or less. This automation delivers a more timely and cost efficient solution than traditional, manual advice. You can see how your portfolio is doing at any time by logging into the website or opening an app on your phone. Though our model isn't face to face, rest assured there are humans behind the scenes actively managing the investments. We welcome your feedback on our contact page if questions of a general nature have not been addressed.